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Hot Water knowledge boken down for your digestion.

Here is some very basic information regarding Hot Water Systems. Everybody has different needs, while many situations are similar, the differences can be broad.

Continuous Gas Hot Water

People (single, couples or families) who are away from their home for travel or business or just have shifts in occupancy may find that a Gas Continuous Flow Hot water service unit are good, they are usually very compact in their size and a lot easier for a plumber to bring to site and plumb in. They simply fit to a wall, mostly external as internal units are usually dearer as they require a flue to be ordered and installed. Gas Continuous Flow it is simply a user’s pays situation, if you have a short shower you pay less than if you have a long shower. You pay for only the hot water you use, it’s not continually reheating stored water that does eventually cool. Summeer months will most likely be kinder to your pocket that winter but this will be true of nearly all hot water services. If your area is not a natural gas area you will need to make provision for LPG cylinders on your site and there are rules and regulations as to were they can and were they canot go. LPG cylinder when full usually way close to 75 Kg give or take a kilogram. Be sure your plumber considers this when installing LPG Hot water. Whilst our friend the plumber may find that a Small Continuous Hot water makes more sence to install than a big storage unit, please be sure that the Gas Company can actually get the cylinder to your sites instalation location (without a crane being needed). If the site’s logistics don’t add up you simply won’t get supplied by any gas supplier. Most gas suppliers will have rules and conditions on their web sites. The gas orders are taken by people or electronically but your site information will be a little secret until your gas delivery is done or attempted. If you know the sites access is a little difficult then maybe LP gas is not suitable at your site. The delivery person will not know the layout of you site and will be expecting a clear path to simply wheel the 75 kg tank into it's position. Depending on the occupancy of your home delivery may occur several times a year. Access tou your site it is an important consideration. Deliveries would be normally carried out during conventional business hours.

Solar Hot Water Services

People wanting to reduce household overheads could also look alternatives. Solar is a good option. It can reduce your household running costs, it’s important to get the style that suits your location or position and family size. There are now many brands and varieties of Solar Hot Water services, Solar High line also known as close-coupled. Panels and the Tank on the roof mounted together. This is traditionally what most people new as a solar hot water system. Today many suppliers manufacture Solar Low line services, this is no longer the new kid on the block. The split system has more technology involved, (This is where the panels are on the roof but the tank is located on the ground, it can be gas or electric boosted).  These systems can be in panel form or in Tubular format. These types of systems run a recirculating pump to circulate the water from ground tank to the collectors on the roof. Something to be aware of with Solar systems, there is the need to boost. Most solar services in flat panel form will raise the ambient water temperature by about 15 to 25 Degrees. This means if the water is coming in at fifteen degrees the best performance may only be a temp of forty degrees. This is still a significant fuel saving as the booster will only need to raise the temp a little not heat it from cold. It is much cheaper to slightly raise the Water temp than to heat it from cold. Ware stored in a tank environment requires occasional boosting to kill possible bacteria growth that may be occurring in the storage tank. Forty degree is about average temp most people can tolerate for showering but this is not hot enough to kill bacteria growth in a stored environment. It is not considered suitable to put solar hot water on Electric Off Peak for boosting. Off Peak boosting will occur mostly during the night. The following day the thermostat will be satisfied with the Stored Hot Waters temp and will not want to circulate the stored hot water through the collectors. So the solar panels will be made redundant.

Heat Pump Hot Water/ Solar

Heat Pumps Hot Water Services: Considered Solar are usually Storage Tank and compressor either together or in a split system. Heat Pumps unlike traditional solar, use and warm air flow to heat the water (Heat Causes refrigerant liquid Gas to react it then expands at a rapidly and turn into a gas, a very hot gas. This is circulated to heat the your water). They do use a small amount of electricity to circulate refrigerant gas and run a fan. Unlike traditional solar these units do not require the suns ray’s and they don't require boosting. They do have motor noise usually about 51dB to 64dB depending on what brand. Installation of a Heat pump is about a third of the cost for Installation, as apposed to traditional solar. The running cost of a Heat pump is about the same as traditional solar as most sun required solar do require boosting as it is a requirement that they heat to a temperature above 65 deg so as to kill (potential) bacteria. Standard electric hot water services are still available, there was talk of electric hot water services being removed from the market place as they are not considered good for the environment. Recently there has been less talk of this occurring. Still, most council’s will not allow you to use electric storage on a new home development.