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RELIABLY BUILT Every Hydrotherm is built tough with a 2mm stainless steel tank designed to last a lifetime. We are so confident of the Hydrotherm’s durability each one is backed with a 15 year tank warranty.

Please feel free to call us at Allhome Products if you have questions regarding the Hydrotherm Heat Pump. You may want to know about Pricing, Instalation, Rebates or something unique to your needs. We can help you .           Phone: 0266725776 our Address is 1 Railway Street Murwillumbah NSW 2484 E-Mail 

CHEAP TO RUNThe Hydrotherm incorporates unique heat pump technology, which dramatically cuts the cost of producing hot water. This high efficiency will save an average family switching from an electric hot water system over $400 a year.

The Hydrother Brand  is available in two model sizes to cater for the needs of individual households. When selecting a new hot water system it is important to match your homes hot water load to an appropriate sized model. This will help you avoid over spending, as larger models cost more to purchase and install. Sizing the correct system means you only heat the water you need, which helps to reduce running costs and maximise your savings.